The Importance of Surfboard Ding Repair

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it has been challenging to maintain the surfboard these days. Even though you get it from the surfboard rental poipu store, you might notice that the board is going to get a ding. Surfboard ding is unfortunately unavoidable. You might get the most dings after using the board for hours as you arrive at your hotel or villa. So, it is very important to use good quality protective board bag to save and store your board well. Not only to prevent the ding, but also protect the board from the UV rays effects.

Many boards have outer resin coating or “glass job” made of epoxy. That means the core is similar to the foam which can absorb the water when you use your board. It can be a big problem if the board is exposed to the water for a long time in the day. It is possible that the water gets in between the foam core and outer resin shell. Depending on the outside temperature, it can contract and expand. In the long term, the atmospheric pressure will change to create delamination or separation. When it happens for a long time, it can degrade your board performances. It will affect your surfing experience if you do nothing about it.

Not only risks of lower performance, these conditions will also lead to breaking risks. The boards will also look bad. If you are away from the shop and need to repair it by yourself, you will want to cover the basics of good repair job. The best stuff to fix the surfboard ding is what we call as non-toxic sun activated acrylic resin.


When repairing the surfboard ding, you will want to work in the shade. Depending on the resin product you choose, it may have different manual. You will want to stick to the manual so that you can make use of the product maximally. Apply the resin to the repair, but make sure that you are working on the shady area to prevent the sun from intervening.

Fixing the surfboard ding is not that hard. Of course, there are some dings that you’d rather to leave to the pro. But most of the times, dings in the early stage are easy to fix and small so that you can handle it by yourself. Some people might just find an excuse to skip the fixing progress and leave it to the pro. If you do too, it is okay. But at least you know the basics so that you can do it by yourself when you need to.