The Importance of Surfboard Wax

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When you go surfing board rental to pick your surf board rental, chances are the owner ask you whether you bring your surfboard wax or not. Not all beginners know what the surfboard wax is and what the function is.

Surfboard wax is the kind of the wax that is applied on the top surface or deck of the surfboard. You might wonder if it is the same as the wax that you use at home. Well, it is different.

The surfboard wax is useful to prevent the surfers from slipping off their board when paddling out or riding a wave. It is essential to apply the wax regularly to minimize the risk of falling to the water.

The surfboard wax products usually come with natural and synthetic waxes like beeswaxes, paraffin, and other waxes. Each commercial product in the market may have different formulations because these can produce different types of waxes. The waxes often come with the excellent aroma and exotic scents so that all the users are willing to use it more often. There are various aromas that you can find on the market. These surf waxes can also be applied on the SUP, kayaks, or dragon boards to increase the grip.

The surfboard waxes come with different types for specific climate or temperature. The categories spread two: waxes for hot climates, and waxes for cold climates. For both beginners and advanced surfers, it is essential to use the right surf wax that is suitable for the specific environment and weather in your area. If you wrongly choose the waxes, the impact would be fatal.

For instance, when you pick waxes for cold water and use it in the tropical surf spots, the wax can melt away faster, making the slippery surface on the surfboard. Meanwhile, if you use high-temperature surf wax in cold water, the waxes tend to harden and will not provide you with the qualitative grip. Each type of wax has a different function so that you will want to make sure that you’ve chosen the right wax.

If you are planning to surf in Kauai, pick the high-temperature surfboard wax, and you will be fine. You can apply the wax over the entire deck of the board. But you always have the freedom to refer to the specific areas only. For instance, you will want to use wax on the spot of your feet to give you a better grip when duck diving. There is nothing wrong with applying to all over the surface when you start your surfing activity. But as time goes by, you will want to use it to the specific spot that you need to maximize.