The Right Way to Launch Your SUP from A Dock



What are you doing with your SUP when you are in Kauai? Of course, after getting the right SUP from your favorite sup rental, you will want to use it right away. How if you are going to launch your SUP from a dock? For some folks who have been around with SUP for a while, it is not a big deal. But for most beginners, it is definitely a daunting task to do.

So, the very first thing you should consider is to be careful when you set your SUP. Consider checking the obstacles like dock railings, boats, bird poops, cleats, and many others. You will want to make sure that there will be no obstacles or barriers when you want to set your SUP to sail. That also will give you peace of mind because you won’t be hindered by them.

Secondly, you will need to stay low when you get on or get off your SUP. Well, it is pretty basic. When you lower your body’s position, it is much easier to balance your body on the SUP. You will learn this basic pose when you join the SUP classes. Your instructor will teach you from the beginning until you nail it. Just remember to stay low when you get on or off your SUP.

When it comes to launching your SUP from the dock, you should be cautious. Paddle to and from the dock on your knees. This is to avoid any mishap or incidents when you are standing. You won’t know what will come in your way after releasing the SUP from your dock. Then you could stand up when you are away from the dock.

If you are not really sure to use your SUP from the dock, you could do some simulations. You could manage how to launch and land your stand up paddleboard in various scenarios.

You will surely stick to the best SUP when choosing the unit at your trusted sup rental. To manage the success, you could choose the right spot, paddle into the oncoming surf, setting the time, and many more. It is wise to have your instructor to stand by your side so that you are able to ask question and has a quick answer for him or her. As we know, SUP safety can be a bit complex. It will become more prevalent if it is the first time to deal with the dock for launching your SUP.