What Do You Think About SUP Foiling?


If you have been around in hanalei paddle board, you may or may not heard about the SUP foiling. We have ever seen some paddlers use SUP hydro foiling to speed up their water activities. The players will glide smoothly and fast above rolling bumps. They will harness the waves of the coast. It is a marvelous finding and a high-end solution for those who want to alter the speed and fast-paced water sports activity. Although it is not familiar with some players out there, we believe it has been the part of SUP world for a while.


So, what is SUP foiling? It is basically an airplane miniature which is installed underwater. This stuff is connected to the bottom of the SUP board. This part has two wings in the front area and a stabilizer in the back which roles as the lifter and accelerator. This generates the board speed from the water’s energy. The wind will wake the plane up, then the waves will be caught in the airplane so that it will give you the ability to fly above and surf like a pro.


The first SUP foiling was actually found in the late 20th century and has been used by folks since then. Foil can be found in other water sports (before SUP) like windsurfing, kiting, and waterskiing.


SUP foiling, however, is relatively new in the water sport market. The SUP foil is also an innovative option for those who are looking for big achievements. The waves and swell can be foil surfed with such enormous speed. Foiling offers the medium which can suit your needs in any condition. That means you will be able to amp your performance upon smaller waves. If you haven’t seen this tech before, it does not hurt to check Youtube and type some keywords. The hanalei paddle board has been filled with new and surprising things. One of them is SUP foiling.


SUP Foiling, despite the perks, is dangerous if operated by novice paddlers. The high-performance and high-speed are pretty riskan for novice paddlers to handle. It surely poses some safety concerns. That means SUP foiling is not a good option for the crowded water. It can endanger other people’s life.


We have seen injuries from folks falling off. The worst scenario would be the foils can hurt human and split the board in half. The risks are too many. But luckily, Hanalei does offer some quiet places in which you are able to try SUP foiling without harming other people. You could ask your hanalei paddle board rental to find the most suitable location for this.