Tips on Waxing Your Surfboard

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Whether it is your first time or second rodeo of your surfboard waxing, you might want to read the tips that we are about to share. So, let’s break them down below.

Temperature check

The very first thing to note is the temperature wax to purchase for your surfboard. If you are not sure about the temperature, you could also check with surfboard rental kapaa shop for figuring out the average water temperature for the Kapaa area. Basically, you can find three types of wax products in the market: Cold water wax, warm water wax, and tropical water wax. Different brands and products may have different degrees cap. So, you will want to read the label first before purchasing them.

Apply base coat

The next thing to do is to apply good base coat onto your surfboard. The base coat is made up of harder wax. The sole purpose is to give the base for the later layers of the wax.

Depending on the wax products that you attain from the market, these might have different methods to apply. Make sure to read the manual and do as the instructions say. Applying the base wax to the deck of the surfboard should be done with the vertical strokes only. Then the next layer of the base is done with the horizontal strokes only. In the third base layer, you will want to apply the base wax with diagonal strokes only. Last, you’d apply the base wax on circular strokes.

Apply top coat

After the base wax, you will want to apply the top coat. Applying the top coat is basically the same as you apply the base coat. When done correctly, you will have great quality of wax bumps on your board!

Choosing the wax

If you notice that the outside air temperature becomes hotter, you could upgrade the current wax to warmer wax. This will prevent your wax from melting during commutes. But you won’t necessarily change your wax if you are surfing in the same area for some times. Do not leave your board in the hot sun or hot car since it will make your wax layers melting.

Removing old surf wax

To remove your old surf wax, set your board under the sun exposure for few minutes to soften the wax. Use the scraper to get rid of old wax as much as you can. If necessary, you could purchase citrus based wax remover to ease the process.