What is the Right Foot Positioning in SUP Surfing?

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Having your feet ready in the surf stance is the key to get working with the waves to rip. It is like having your shoes appropriately tied before jogging in the morning. If you don’t pay attention to details like these, then you’ll never make it. That’s why there are many surfers trip up all over the place although they have learned to surf for a while.  


When you catch the waves from the backside, you will want to get your feet in the surf stance. It is essential to get centered on the board before surfing the wave. When you take backside, the stance tends to be Parallel Surf stance or staggered stance. This will distribute the stroke that reaches across your body. Getting your feet as close as possible to surf stance when dropping in is very important. When you make it, then you can quickly achieve the full surf stance, for sure.

Catching the wave to surf on your front side, you need to place your feet to the stringer. Your back foot position is on the stringer. To make sure that you have set the right position, you could do the checking. For instance, you could look down to check your feet position quickly when catching the wave. But it should be done in slightly seconds. You don’t want to ruin your momentum after all. Then you could adjust your feet if they are not on the stringer.

You could test it again. You might be failing for several times. But that’s the keys to do a better practice. In no time, it will become your second nature.

One of the most common mistakes is to hop to the surf stance. Don’t do it. Instead, you will need to correctly position into the stance one foot at a time. It requires repetitions and focuses. You must be patient. Give it a try. Don’t give up after the first trial. Be persistent about it, and you will be celebrated in no time. It is also a great idea to have someone records your process. For instance, your friend could record the video of yours. And then, you can see it check if there is any room for improvement. You could do the same for your friends. Consider to rent various boards from best surfboards rental Kauai now to improve your game.