Womens Inflatable Paddle Board

How To Choose An Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

An inflatable stand up paddleboard is a paddleboard that can be deflated in a matter of minutes, then rolled up and stored in its accompanying backpack. Like a good friend, an Womens Inflatable Paddle Board can go with you on your paddleboarding journeys and the right board can help make every memory worth reliving.

So, what Womens Inflatable Paddle Board is right for you?

To get to the answer to this question, it’s important to consider how you will be using your paddleboard.

Choosing Your Board:

Womens Inflatable Paddle Board

Womens Inflatable Paddle Board

All Round Boards

The All Round are perfect for a variety of water conditions. Shorter boards are best for surf conditions and larger, wider boards are better for easy paddling conditions.

Touring Boards

If you want to paddle at higher speeds, the touring board is perfect for you. The touring board offers better glide, traction, and tracking. You will get the speed you need without losing stability. This board is the perfect choice for paddlers who want extra stability for touring, racing, downwind runs or fitness training.

Surf Paddleboards

The Surf SUP is the ideal stand up paddle board for surfing. These boards constructed to offer extra stability and maneuverability for everyday wave conditions. The Our Surfing SUP comes in two designs. One is a short design with a wider nose and narrow tail. The other is longer with a classic surf design.

Yoga Paddleboard

It’s no surprise that people who enjoy yoga would naturally gravitate to the peace and tranquility of water. Our has designed yoga stand up paddle boards specifically for those who enjoy yoga, Pilates, and stretching. Our yoga board is durable, beautiful and built for stability  kauai stand up paddle board near.

Wind Paddleboard

Wind SUP boards are the boards that offer paddle boarding and windsurfing on one board. The Our inflatable wind SUP boards are extremely versatile and lighter in design for all-around fun.

Racing Boards

Our inflatable racing stand up paddle boards offer the speed you need without compromising stability. For those training, racing or just exploring, these boards will have you going at your best possible speed.

Whitewater Paddleboards

The Our Inflatable Whitewater SUP is built for fun. Go wherever adventure takes you on this board designed for extreme stability. The bow rise makes it easy to charge over whitewater.

Mega Paddleboard

The Our Mega Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is designed for larger paddlers or multi-person paddling. The board offers higher volume for greater stability. Get the kids or family dog out on the water with you  stand up paddle board hanalei.

Fishing Boards

The inflatable fishing stand up paddle board opens up waters that aren’t typically accessible to fishing boats. The Our inflatable board is high quality and easy to use making it the perfect fishing platform.

Features of Womens Inflatable Paddle Boards:

What features do you need?

When making your paddleboard selection, think about how you will most likely be using the board and what features you may need. Below are the key features of a paddleboard and benefits of paddleboards.

Width: A wider board will offer more stability, but they are slower in speed.

Length: If you’re into speed, a longer board will perform well. Longer boards can be harder to turn, so a surfing paddleboard should be between 8-10 feet and a racing board might be between 12-16 feet.

Nose Rocker: On some boards, you’ll see the front of the nose pulls up. With inflatable boards, you want more rocker if you plan to surf or paddle in whitewater.

Thickness: Thicker boards offer more stability and inflatable boards offer a lighter, thickness. You want a lot of thickness with inflatable boards so that you can stand and balance comfortably.

Rail or Outer Band: A thick outer band on an inflatable board offers extra stiffness and thereby more of an authentic paddleboarding experience.

Womens Inflatable Paddle Board Pricing

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Pricing for Womens Inflatable Paddle Boards varies among the board category because different uses require different materials. But, don’t let the price talk you out of getting the board you need and want. If you shop around, you’ll find that Our Womens Inflatable Paddle Boards are the most competitively priced in the industry and are made with the most high-quality materials. Our paddleboards also come with a three-year warranty, so you can feel secure with your paddleboard investment.Find your perfect Womens Inflatable Paddle Board from one of our website.

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